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Skill-Based Learning

Let’s give your child/children some life skills this summer after months of school work.

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    I went through school when it wasn’t an ideal thing to consciously add a skill to your degree. Rather we were schooled to ensure we make good grades in other to ‘’GET A GOOD JOB “. Writing application letters and an appealing C.Vs were the in things.

    However, my story was a bit different. I had an older brother who has always been an amazing mentor who encouraged me to just get a SKILL on graduation which wasn’t really the norm at the time.

    I opted to get the SKILL in Fashion and designing line and later interior decoration. I got the job as an educator but still honed my craft on the skill I learnt along the line.

    Guess what! I did so well and made money from all at the same time. While my colleagues wait for salaries at the end of the month, I had already established my first business and my clients included my employer, colleagues etc.

    Times have changed and is still changing. In other to address future and global challenges, it has become quite imperative for every educational institution starting from the Early years to the Higher levels to equip learners with skills not just for employability but for entrepreneurship. Let them have the opportunity to THINK, ANALYSE, CREATE e.t.c. because “The future belongs to those who learn more SKILLS and combine them in CREATIVE WAYS”(Robert Greene, Mastery)


    Let’s give your child/children some life skills this summer after months of school work.

    Get them enrolled into our VIRTUAL SKILL-BASED SUMMER CAMP starting this August 17-28,2020  for AGES 3-15 years.

    • 3D animation creation
    • Basic Coding skills
    • Public speaking skills
    • Basic fashion designing skills
    •  Comprehension skills
    •  Few local language classes
    •  And Lots more


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