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Founders Message

It is my privilege to welcome you to our page as the Executive Director of Sailors’ Pride Schools. Ours is truly a unique program and one that did not happen overnight. As a classroom teacher spanning over 20years, working with children of divers Nationalities with different abilities had been a delight to me. It was never said that any child left my class “BROKEN” instead their self-esteem grew each day.

School to us has never been a place where children are stuffed with FACTS in other to pass an exam but an environment where children are nurtured to attain their life’s goal. We view education as a programme put together to help individual child find and fulfill their PURPOSE. It is also meant to be more than a focus on just the CORE COURSES but an attention to individual child’s needs, aspirations and dreams. Our job then is to help them actualize it.

Sailors Pride Schools’ vision was divinely inspired to give children a freedom to think critically, be expressive in a cultured manner and to become what they are created to be. We opened our doors to the pioneer pupils on September 2011 and our first year was quite interesting and challenging. It was interesting because we had just 9 pupils for a whole year and challenging because of the need to convince more people that we are a UNIQUE BRAND even if it was a new school.

Over these years however, we have grown and are still growing into a popular, thriving educational milieu where children are supported to achieve their full potentials through our strong emphasis on MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES and CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS.

Our Staff and The Management teams are committed to offering our children a broad and balanced curriculum which develops the individual and Team skills to meet the need of the future.
Set in wonderful grounds with excellent resources, we pride ourselves on our purposeful atmosphere which encourages effective teaching and learning, within a disciplined environment which fosters mutual respect. We strongly believe that success is achievable for all who learn and work in our school.

As an educator I have desired to create an environment that present multiple academic choices for our children hence the implementation of a HYBRID curriculum (British/Nigeria/American) in our COLLEGE. This will allow children who want to go the British path write the IGCSE or the Nigerian path to write the SSCE while a child choosing the American path will write the AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA at the end of year 12. In partnership with Knowledge First Academy U.S.A. admission into an American university becomes easy.

With resilience, we will continue to promote quality in every area of our school life. Welcome to SAILORS’ PRIDE SCHOOLS PORT HARCOURT.