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American High School Diploma

Our educational program will allow the senior secondary students preparing to study in America to be properly prepared in order to gain a high school diploma accredited in the USA.  With an American High School Diploma in hand, our students will have equivalent access to US higher education as any other US student.  Moreover, scholarships will be available for high ranked universities such as Stanford or Harvard based on student scores and performances.

As you may well know, most students from Africa are burdened because their secondary certificate is NOT accepted in America.  Thus, students wishing to study in American Universities are required to attend additional classes (at International Fees) before they are allowed to attend the college of their choice.  OUR students do not have to suffer in this manner. Our students receive BOTH their Nigeria’s secondary certificate AND an American High School Diploma from the Sailors’ Pride College in collaboration with Knowledge-First Academy USA!

This distinction allows for a smooth transition and saves the students and their family, cost of time and money, since they are receiving their Diploma from an Accredited American High School. This examination will be written by our students in year 12.

For those who have completed Secondary Education and wish to further their education in American, We also offer the Knowledge-First International Accelerated (16 weeks) Program which will allow the students opportunity to receive an extensive periods of study before writing the examination.

ALL CLASSES are determined by the needs of the student as indicated by a Mandatory Student Assessment given to each student AND by the student’s official secondary transcript.  Student’s course selection will be individualized based on these indicators.  Our program will also include a devotion to Intensive American Preparation (I.A.P.).  We have found that I.A.P. is needed for our students to successfully navigate various features of the American-lifestyle and idioms